It’s a Brave New Blogging World…for me at least.

June 10, 2011

So I guess there’s no better place to start than the beginning. This is the first time I have ever blogged, and I actually can’t believe that I’m doing it. I have always been really intimidated by write my thought down or sharing my ideas for all to see… but I do have good reasons for starting this blog, so maybe sharing won’t be so bad.

1. I have so many projects and ideas for projects in my head, that I’m hoping that writing about them will help me to plan them out, and help me to actually finish one before starting another.

2. I am really starting to become interested in yarn crafts to the point where I want to become more involved in them, and by that I mean taking classes, learning how to design etc. So I’m hoping that I can expand my horizons and connect with others who share a passion for knitting, crocheting or any sort of craft for that matter.

3. I hope that I am eventually able to combine cultural elements into my crafts and share it. If I’m not able to do that (which is very likely, seeing as I am not very creative in the way of design) then well, at least I can share the different cultures and their crafts with the world.

And there we have it, blog number 1 complete, and it wasn’t as scary or as hard as I thought it would be.


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