Bath Mat Cont’d

July 14, 2011

My Hexagon Bath Mat is almost complete. Hurray! This bath mat has turned out to be a bigger pain than I thought it would. To start, the mat was much smaller than I expected, which meant I had to double the the amount of pattern pieces needed to complete it. Secondly, trying to join each piece as I went along (like the pattern calls for) was impossible, so I had to sew them together using a darning needing and yarn. I actually think this method was for the better. To join them the other way, (joined only at corners) would have created huge gaps, and a bath mat needs to be pretty sturdy. Third, I have discovered that I very much so dislike assembling pieces of a pattern, especially when a certain cat is watching from a hidden spot, just waiting for me to leave the disassembled pieces so that she can pounce and destroy everything.

Note the ears lurking in the background....


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