A Dissappointing Update… Lessons in choosing a stitch carefully.

April 16, 2012

So, after weeks of working on and off on my crochet fingerless gloves, I have decided to put them down for now until I can manage to figure out a way to complete the glove without turning the pattern. You see. the stitch pattern I was using, was going great, until it came time to work the thumb hole. That required me to turn the pattern, and well, the stitch does not look good in reverse, which is unfortunate because every other row, for 6 or 7 rows, is reversed. So I have given up….for now.

The shawl that I am working on, is taking FOREVER!! I was hoping to have it completed for mother’s day, but I may have to push it back to my mother’s birthday in september. I just get so bored doing the same stitch over and over for 300 rows, and it seems like I am getting no where with it. I will continue to plug away at it, but I will also be starting a new project so my brain can at least be challenged from time to time.

Also, we just finished remodeling our en suite bathroom, and the Hexagon Bath Mat which I had made last summer, is way too small for the area I want it to fill, so I have begun working on that project again, trying to double the size. As soon as that project is over, I will be starting a new one, I just have to decide what it is…


One Response to “A Dissappointing Update… Lessons in choosing a stitch carefully.”

  1. ceciliapaterno Says:

    Eyyy!! I’m an anthropologyst and crafter too!!! Nice to meet you!!
    Check out my blogs:
    For knitting and beyond:http://ceciliapaterno.blogspot.com.ar/
    For anhropology: http://www.antropocacos.com/
    I’ve been trying to combine them, that’s my next project!
    Looking forward to get in touch,

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