Well, the big 75th anniversary party is over, and the corsages were a hit! I ended up using a different pattern than the rose pattern I spent weeks searching for(see below blog). It took way too long to make, and, as I quickly realized, takes a lacing hook and yarn. So  a simple shell pattern which was then rolled up into a flower shape had to do. Here are the results:

This is one that i made from strips of jersey cloth while I gave my cramping hands a break from crocheting.

Most of these corsages ended up in everyone’s hair! We were lucky enough to have some student hairdressers and make-up artists volunteer their time to “vintage” up our looks for the big party, and when the corsages came out, everyone, including the hairdressers, wanted them up in their hair….I sense an etsy idea brewing!


The Ever Elusive Pattern

September 20, 2011

Have you ever found a picture of a craft online and thought “My God! I HAVE to make that!”? The museum that I work at is celebrating its 75th Anniversary and there’s going to be a big party to celebrate. Along with a slew of other responsibilities, I have been put in charge of making corsage for employee identification at the party. While looking for flower patterns I stumbled across this beautiful crochet rose:

And lucky for me there was a pattern attached to it:

So I started crocheting this pattern and half way through it I realized that something wasn’t right. So I enlarged the photo and lo and behold, the pattern wasn’t for the pictured flower at all. So I immediately went on a search for the proper pattern, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

After weeks of searching, translating Russian and Chinese websites I lucked out and found the pattern! So If you are have been searching for this pattern and can’t find it anywhere, here it is!

It’s a japanese pattern, and it’s slightly hard to make out, but if you know what you’re doing, or have the patience to try until it makes sense, then it will be well worth it. Hopefully this will turn out as nicely as the picture, and more importantly the corsages will turn out.